Our Favourite Sustainable Irish Brands and Stores

If you’re looking for sustainable kids' clothes from Irish brands – congratulations and look no further - you’ve found it!

However, if you're seeking options to shop more consciously in other areas of your life, we've rounded up some of our very favourite sustainably-focused Irish brands and stores for clothes, food and drink, home and lifestyle products and toys.

In recent years I have become increasingly very aware of the influence we all have in the items we buy and the brands we choose to support.  I believe that a really powerful way to live more sustainably is to support brands who are trying to do better in terms of their environmental impact and and ethical production values.

This isn’t intended to be a comprehensive list of sustainable stores in Ireland – there are LOADS more out there and we’d absolutely love you to add your own favourites in the comments below.  These are just a few that I’ve learned from, bought from and that I love and can personally vouch for.







A new and very welcome alternative to the fast fashion high street, s.l.o.w.s.t.r.e.e.t was born from a vision to make environmentally friendly, ethically made clothing more accessible and enjoyable to shop.  We absolutely adore their range of stylish and responsible brands which have been chosen with environmental and social values in mind

We also love their motto - clothes for keeping - because when you have quality, environmentally friendly clothes which have been made by happy people, you will want to cherish them forever. We know we do!



Faerly is an online sustainable living store set up by James and Eoin to help reduce unnecessary chemicals and plastics in the world. They are passionate about supporting local and their website has a gorgeous handpicked collection of everyday items from small Irish makers and eco-conscious brands.


Fresh Cuts

We've been buying from Fresh Cuts for years and we love their high quality ethical and sustainable everyday basics.  Their own brand range is ethically made in Portugal and they also stock a range of other sustainable brands like Mud Jeans, Girlfriend Collective and Armed Angels.



Jiminy is an eco-specialist toy store focused on earth-kind toys.  Set up by Sharon Keilthy in response to her frustration at the amount of plastic in kids toys, her vision as an eco activist is an eco section in every toy shop. 

The website includes a great selection of toys from sustainable materials like wood, innovative bio-plastics, recycled cardboard, and paper - or safe recycled plastics.  We particularly like their range of books that inspire and educate about our environment.


Jill & Gill

I really like this award-winning Irish brand for their fresh approach to illustration, their use of colour and their description of themselves as 'not a one-trick pony but a two-headed unicorn'!  We particularly love their boss lady range, a celebration of inspirational women through illustration, print, and style.



Green Outlook

Fiona started Green Outlook with the aim of promote sustainable living and helping customers to lessen their environmental impact.  Many of the products are plastic free and all are made with natural ingredients and sustainably sourced. Even better most are sourced in Ireland reducing their carbon footprint further.


The Source Bulk Foods

A zero waste store in Rathmines aimed at rethinking how we shop, how we reuse and recycle.  They have a  gorgeous range of vegan, paleo, dairy free, organic and gluten friendly food options along with natural cleaning products and personal care products.  You can bring your own refillable containers so you can buy as much or as little as you need, saving on both food waste and packaging.



Full disclosure: Imbibe and Síológ are a "married couple" of brands - but we still genuinely think they are the very best out there.  Based in Dublin 8, they only roast speciality coffee, concentrating on the very best single origins, and 90% of their output is organic.

Not only is their coffee great but they are zero waste advocates and their business model is focused on giving back - 1% of their turnover donated to Women’s Aid, 1% to projects at their coffee’s origin and a further 1% shared among staff.  Check out their monthly Coffee Club for access to some very special one-off coffees.  



reuzi focuses on providing accessible solutions to the problems posed by single use materials, and empowering people to be part of the change.  Pat is an absolute wealth of knowledge and (importantly) enthusiasm on all things sustainability.


Who are your go-to eco friendly and sustainable brands and stores? Let us know in the comments below!

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