About Us

Welcome to Síológ, a collection of high quality, ethically made childrenswear and lifestyle products from independent Irish brands.   

As a mum trying to buy more sustainably for my own family, it struck me that it would be great to have a central source of ethically made children’s clothing and lifestyle products that was all from Irish brands - making it easier for parents to find beautiful sustainable products for their children while also supporting our local independent businesses.  

Síológ (pronounced ‘shee-lowg’) is the Irish word for seedling. Our name is important because it encapsulates our three core values:

  • the kids, our own little ever-growing seedlings - the main event here!
  • the natural world and the environment that we so urgently need to protect
  • Irish businesses, culture and people.

We are really excited to bring together a range of Irish brands who are doing their best to help people shop ethically and sustainably and who are thinking consciously about things like materials, packaging, and the social impact of their production.