Backpack - Leopard

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This DUC Backpack is made from recycled polyester! It takes 12 single use plastic bottles to make every recycled DUC bag. 

What is recycled polyester? Basically it is polyester solely made from recycled PET. The most widely recycled PET is in the form of single use bottles. These bottles are chipped, cleaned, melted and extruded into yarn. This yarn is then dyed and a waterproof lining is applied to back before cutting it up to make DUC school bags and backpacks! So next time you but a bottle into a green bin, it could come back in the form of a DUC bag! Together we can make a difference – one bag at a time!

  • Perfect size for A4 folder - suitable for primary school
  • Navy backpack with navy recycled polyester body with parrot polyester print for front pocket and rim.
  • 1 main compartment
  • 1 front pocket which is a perfect size for stationary
  • 1 padded pocket inside for tablet or laptop
  • 2 bottle holders for easy access and to keep bottles away from books
  • Padded ergonomic shoulder straps and back for a comfortable fit
  • Embroidered logo
  • Size: 40cm [H] x 30cm [W] x 14cm [D]
  • Perfect size for primary school or that “go anywhere” backpack
  • Waterproof lining to keep your belongings safe if caught in a shower.
  • 100% recycled polyester. 

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