Littleboo newborn bib - rainbow stars


Super cute bib which is sized and shaped specifically for a newborn or young baby. 

These bibs are fantastic for soakage, they have three layers and the inner one is fleece so no matter how much your little one loses milk, their clothes, chest and under chin will stay dry. 

They wash well, dry well and look well, what more could you ask for?

  • 100% organic cotton front and back
  • 100% polyester (fleece) middle layered bandana bib
  • triple layered with two poppers which are nickel free
  • Suitable from newborn to six months depending on size of baby
  • Wash well at 30 degrees, tumble drying is not recommended
  • please note there may be some shrinkage after the first wash and you may need to resize when wet
  • neck is smaller than a regular bib depending which popper you use
  • the bib covers your little one’s shoulders so it soaks up any milk they lose out of the side of their mouth

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