Natural Bamboo EcoStraws
Natural Bamboo EcoStraws
Natural Bamboo EcoStraws

Eco Straws

Natural Bamboo EcoStraws

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Pack of 5 natural bamboo straws and 2 cleaning brushes.

ECO-FRIENDLY: Bamboo is one of the Earth’s fastest growing plants, which means this is a very sustainable material. Created by nature and handcrafted in Bali, each Bamboo Straw is 100% organic and compostable

REUSABLE: The Bamboo Straws can be washed in the dishwasher and reused many times.  

HEALTHY & SAFE:  Bamboo being a natural material, Bamboo EcoStraws contain no inks or dyes.

MULTI USAGE: You can use the reusable EcoStraws with hot drinks such as tea or coffee, as well as cold summer drinks, fruit smoothies, exotic drinks and dinner party cocktails.

Dishwasher Safe