Organic cotton leggings - navy


These are a heavier fabric than you will find in most high street stores.  They have a straight leg so they fit more like a pants than a legging and our biggest bug bear, you can wear a short top because they are not see through around the bum area. There’s nothing more annoying than having the find a longer t-shirt to cover the bum because the leggings are see through or because the additional padding of the nappy has made them see through.

Each pair also has a thick waist band 7-8cm depending on the size, like a pair of yoga pants, this means when your child bends over the leggings won’t fall down and it means they go up over nappies and are a much more comfortable fit. The waistband can be folded if you prefer, whatever works for you.

They’re also 100% organic cotton so nothing to aggravate skin or make them sweaty.