Organic cotton swaddle - grey stars


These organic cotton pocket swaddles are pre-wrapped to make it easier for you to pop your little one in safely and securely. The pocket swaddle is adjustable with velcro wings and fits from 5lbs. It creates a cozy experience for your newborn which replicates how they felt when in the womb.

These swaddles are lightweight so you don’t have to worry about over heating, they are breathable as they are made from organic jersey cotton and adjustable up to 14lbs.  You won’t even have to remove the swaddle to change their nappy with the pocket detail.

Swaddling is especially helpful for newborns who have colic or reflux and need some extra help to settle into sleep.

Swaddles are certified safe by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Guide to wearing (photo in the gallery);

  • Place baby onto open swaddle, fold up the front flap of the wrap and ensure the top is in line with the nape of your newborn’s neck (just above the shoulders), legs should be able to move freely into the recommended hip safe “frog” position if necessary.
  • Holding the left side of the swaddle; wrap the fabric snugly over baby’s arms, and tuck the fabric under baby’s body, leaving fabric loose around the legs.
  • Holding the right side of the swaddle; wrap the fabric snugly around baby’s arms and close using the velcro wings, it should fit snugly across their arms and chest but fabric should be loose around the legs.
  • Ensure that both legs and hips can freely move.

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